Special Projects for Businesses

Custom Solutions for Complex Challenges

ACUO specializes in guiding businesses through pivotal initiatives with strategic and professional insight.

Our Goal

Transform Challenges Into Opportunities

At ACUO, we streamline your journey through special projects – detailed analysis, strategic execution, and results-focused review – ensuring each project contributes to the overall goals of the business.

Our coaches understand that special projects require a unique blend of expertise and focus. Whether it is conducting components of due diligence, evaluating performance, or developing key performance indicators, our approach is always strategic and geared toward achieving results.

Project Analysis

Begin with a comprehensive analysis to understand your project’s scope, goals, and challenges, setting the stage for effective planning.

Accountable Leadership

Engage in strategic project execution, managed by ACUO’s experts, ensuring every phase is aligned with your business objectives.

Innovative Solutions

Benefit from end-to-end project management, from initial planning to successful implementation and review.

ACUO's Strategic Edge

Our special projects capabilities are fueled by our experience with effective business and executive coaching, people planning and retention strategies, national corporate and franchise expansions, M&A integrations, financial audits, and systems and software implementations.

Team Evaluations

WHO you have on your team is the most important factor in determining HOW your business can and will succeed. We can help!


Devise clear, actionable plans to achieve accountability and alignment. We implement collaborative planning tools to drive results.

Custom Support

Our seasoned team, with backgrounds as CEOs, CFOs, and COOs, excels in overseeing crucial projects across various areas.

What Others Have to Say

Find out how ACUO has empowered leaders to get unstuck, lead authentically, and build successful legacies.

Move Forward in the Right Direction

Work with us to gain momentum for your business in a way that fosters sustainability and growth.