Ben Blankenship

Founder & Principal

Founder & Principal | Certified Scaling Up Business Coach | Fractional C-Suite | Finance & Operations Expert

Ben offers a unique blend of hands-on experience and strategic insight to CEOs struggling with scaling their business. With over three decades of financial and operational leadership across diverse sectors, his expertise extends beyond mere coaching; he is a seasoned entrepreneur who has navigated the full spectrum of business cycles, from start-up to scale-up to contraction.

Ben’s multifaceted background involving a full C-suite of experiences, coupled with his origins as a professionally trained chef, his instrumental role in the national expansion of Qdoba Mexican Grill, and his extensive financial management and board work as CFO in the non-profit space, showcases a versatility that sets him apart from conventional approaches to coaching. As an internationally certified Scaling Up Business Coach He is an internationally certified Scaling Up Business Coach and former EOS Implementer™️ and EOS Integrator™️. Ben’s application crosses various industries, from food service and farming to custom homes, software, and engineering. He has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their goals through:

  • Identifying the right leadership team skills, abilities, attitudes, and candidates to support growth.
  • Defining a clear organizational direction.
  • Developing a leadership culture committed to healthy growth and accountability.
  • Devising clear, actionable strategic plans and meeting structures.
  • Providing technology to manage and measure strategic goals, priorities, and performance.
  • Empowering teams with cash management tools and skills supporting sustainable growth.

Kolbe: 8-7-5-2 (Strategic Planner: specify, systematize, modify, envision)
Working Genius: DG (Intuitive Activator)
Culture Index: Architect